Buildings for Camelford’s Future

The first stage in developing a Neighbourhood Plan in Camelford has been approved. On 24 February 2015 Cornwall Council agreed with Camelford Town Council’s application to designate the Parish of Camelford as a Neighbourhood Area, meaning that it can officially go ahead.

A Neighbourhood Plan sets out how development should occur in the parish over the coming 20 years. Plans like these are used to inform planning decisions on applications, and can set out land-usage for aspects such as facilities and infrastructure, as well as housing and employment spaces.

Residents in the Camelford Parish, which includes Helstone, are invited to a public drop-in session to find out more, and to share opinions. The session, called “Buildings for Camelford’s Future” takes place on Thursday 19 March between 2pm and 7pm at Camelford Hall. Free refreshments are available and people of all ages are encouraged to pop in to find out more.

Lee Dunkley, Town Clerk, said “The point of this Plan is that it should be specially designed for the people of Camelford and by the people of Camelford. What goes into the Plan is decided by the people of the area, so we need as many as possible sharing opinions and getting involved in the process.”

An online survey has been conducted at the Town Council’s website asking people their priorities for the Plan. Results are due to be published at the event on 19 March.


For more information contact Lee Dunkley on 01840 212880 &

A downloadable pdf copy of this Press release can be accessed here.

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