Further to the Annual Parish Meeting in April, and subsequent Town Council meetings, the final consultation is underway as to the future management of Churchfield Car Park.  The summary report that was discussed at the Annual Parish Meeting is below:

Car Park Summary Report

Consultation letters went out via a direct mail company this week using electoral roll data.  There is one consultation document per household, however, if you require further copies, please email admin@camelford-tc.gov.uk or pop into the library to get further copies.  Only 1 consultation should be completed per person (over the age of 18) in order to ensure an accurate result.

Deadline to return the consultation is 5pm 30 November 2018 to the library.  If the library is closed, please put through the letter box.

We will announce the results as soon as possible after the consultation ends.


Further to recent enquiries regarding concerns about speeding in Camelford, we have been working with Cornwall Council to get some information from the flashing signs on Victoria Road and Valley Truckle.  We are now able to share this information.  We have been told that speeding is “perceived” around the Valley Truckle area but that there is an issue on Victoria Road and Cornwall Council will be looking further into what can be done.

Valley Truckle Speeding Summary

Victoria Road Speeding Summary

We are delighted to be able to launch the skate park’s new logo.  The logo is based on the historic Old Cattle Market Site (OCM) where the skate park is situated.  Thanks go to Dai Hughes, from TLC Holdings for the creation of this logo!

Come along on 14 September to see the OCM kids open the skate park formally.  Guests include our funders, without their help this would not be possible – Ocean Housing (s106 monies), SITA Cornwall Trust Ltd and also representatives from Mount Hawke Skate Park who we are partnering with.

There will be music, food and pro skater/skateboard riders to show what you can do on this skate park, and they will be on hand to help everyone learn a few skills!

We hope to have an Old Cattle Market Cafe, skateboard shop/workshop, outside gym, parkour, table tennis and basket ball court – all subject to funding and planning permissions.

The OCM Skate Park Club has now been formed, and very soon you will see Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages – this is all being organised by Ayla Johnson, the media guru for the skate park club and assisted by Leah Coshall.

The OCM will be run independently of Camelford Town Council, however, Camelford Town Council will be responsible for the site (including insurance and the skate park build itself).  We are members of the OCM Skate Park Club, and will attend each meeting and be a signatory on the accounts.

Grand Opening Poster

The Glover Review of Designated Landscapes : Survey Questionnaire

As you may know, the Government has recently launched a review of designated landscapes (AONBs and National Parks) which will report in 2019.

The Cornwall AONB Partnership will put forward a collective response to the Glover Review of Designated Landscapes. It has been agreed that we should put forward not just a consensus where it could be achieved but also any diversity of views and that, as part of our research, we should also go out and seek the views of the wider community.

They would really appreciate it if you could take the time to complete a short 5-10 min survey with respect to the Cornwall AONB and the review.  The survey can be accessed here.. http://www.cornwall-aonb.gov.uk/research/


Congratulations to Lauren Rathbone, our latest Town Councillor.  Her details will go up on the website shortly.  For those of you who do not know Lauren, below is the bio she submitted ahead of the elections.  Welcome to the team Lauren.

Lauren Rathbone

My name is Lauren Rathbone, and I have been a resident of Camelford for 11 years. I have two children who attend the local schools.

I am self-employed and run a local business selling pre-loved clothing. Through my business I have built up a regular customer base and got to know a lot of the local residents.

I am passionate about Camelford and what we have here. For many years I have wanted to be a part of the Town Council and I feel now is the right time. I have a vested interest in the town, the growth of it, the schools and community. I see a lot of people writing in social media and wanting things done but never actually putting pen to paper or attempting to do something about it. I would like to try and do something about the way Camelford develops over the years for my family, and everyone else who lives here.

Camelford is a beautiful town and we have a fantastic community. I want Camelford to grow and I would love to be a part of this, the town has so much potential.