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Cornwall Council Councillor Rob Rotchell’s Report

Please see Cornwall Council’s Cllr Rob Rotchell’s report on COVID-19. Cllr Rotchell Report

Mayor’s Report

This report has been emailed to Councillors alongside the Agenda/Consultation for 21 April. Mayor’s Report April 2020

Camelford Parish Cemetery

The Camelford Parish Cemetery is now open.  CTC has been working towards opening a cemetery for the parishioners over the past few years. Link to the page and further details below: Parish Cemetery Website Page  
Distinctive camel design on weathervane on top of Camelford Town hall

Council Meetings – COVID-19

CTC are awaiting advice from Cornwall Association of Local Councils (CALC) regarding virtual meetings.   Instead of agendas, there will be a Consultation List. This will be published on the website (under minutes) and social media like an agenda would (3 days before a meeting).  The i