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Churchfield Car Park Consultation

Further to the Annual Parish Meeting in April, and subsequent Town Council meetings, the final consultation is underway as to the future management of Churchfield Car Park.  The summary report that was discussed at the Annual Parish Meeting is below: Car Park Summary Report Consultati

Speeding in Camelford

Further to recent enquiries regarding concerns about speeding in Camelford, we have been working with Cornwall Council to get some information from the flashing signs on Victoria Road and Valley Truckle.  We are now able to share this information.  We have been told that speeding is &

OCM Skate Park Grand Opening 14 September 5pm

We are delighted to be able to launch the skate park’s new logo.  The logo is based on the historic Old Cattle Market Site (OCM) where the skate park is situated.  Thanks go to Dai Hughes, from TLC Holdings for the creation of this logo! Come along on 14 September to see the OCM

Review of Designated Landscapes

The Glover Review of Designated Landscapes : Survey Questionnaire As you may know, the Government has recently launched a review of designated landscapes (AONBs and National Parks) which will report in 2019. The Cornwall AONB Partnership will put forward a collective response to the G