Town Hall


This is the most prominent building in Camelford, with its clock tower and golden camel weather-vane.  It was built in 1806 on the site of the original Market House, which was a larger structure, open on all sides, with a shambles and a yarn market added to it in the 1760s.  The new building (c1890) with the Town Hall above and a Market House beneath was erected by the town’s patron, John Russell, the 6th Duke of Bedford (1766-1839).  The hall became a venue for social events as well as civic meetings including Petty Sessions, County Court and Education Committees which were held until 1906.


The building is now home to Camelford Town Council and the Library.  Camelford Town Council usually has its Town Council meetings here on the 1st Thursday and 3rd Tuesday of each month.  However, since COVID-19, meetings are now held virtually via Zoom and published on social media.


Opening Hours

Council office hours are usually:

Monday – 9am to 5pm

Tuesday – 9am to 5pm

Wednesday – 9am to 5pm

Thursday – 9am to 1pm

Friday – 9am to 5pm

However, due to COVID-19, Council offices will be closed from 1pm Wednesday 4 November to Thursday 3 December as per Government guidance.  Staff will mainly be working at home but will come into the office when necessary.  It would therefore be prudent to email any enquires to or leave a message 01840 212880.