Neighbourhood Plan Press Releases

N-Plan Press Releases

Camelford Neighbourhood Plan takes big step forward

Camelford Neighbourhood Plan takes big step forward Camelford’s Neighbourhood Plan, which will help shape development in the parish for the coming 15 years, has taken a significant step towards completion. Over the past six months policy working groups, made up of local volunteers, ha
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Results are in! Time to plan…

Neighbourhood Plan one step closer for Camelford Neighbourhood Plans are part of Central Governments Localism programme and investigate zoning land for specific purposes for the next 15 years. An important element of this process is local input, usually achieved through a survey. The
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Your Town Your Say

Residents of Camelford will be asked over the coming weeks for their opinions on the future development of the town. As part of the Neighbourhood Plan consultation, members of the community can expect to hear a knock at the door as each and every household is approached for their view
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Localism steps up a gear in Camelford

The people of Camelford have been given the go-ahead to say what they want their town to look like and how it will cater for the housing, employment and services that residents will require in the next ten to twenty years. Camelford Town Council has received notification from Cornwall
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Buildings for Camelford’s Future

The first stage in developing a Neighbourhood Plan in Camelford has been approved. On 24 February 2015 Cornwall Council agreed with Camelford Town Council’s application to designate the Parish of Camelford as a Neighbourhood Area, meaning that it can officially go ahead. A Neighbourho