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Call for new Councillor

An election has been called for 14th July 2016 to fill the vacancy on Camelford Town Council. Do you want to be a candidate? You must fit one of the following: (a) is registered as a local government elector for the parish; (b) has during the whole of the preceding twelve months occup

Council Meeting Dates announced for 2016/17

At their Annual Meeting on 17 May the Town Council confirmed the normal meeting dates, times and venues for the rest of the 2016/17 municipal year. The Council will normally meet on the first Thursday of the month in the Council Office, and the third Tuesday of the month in Camelford

Camelford Neighbourhood Plan takes big step forward

Camelford Neighbourhood Plan takes big step forward Camelford’s Neighbourhood Plan, which will help shape development in the parish for the coming 15 years, has taken a significant step towards completion. Over the past six months policy working groups, made up of local volunteers, ha
Close to the park entrance Camelford

Accounting statements 2015-16

The Council’s accounting statements for 2015/16 can be seen on the link below: Accounts 2015/16